deals5 gb on amazon's cloud for one year for $0.00


Only good for new AWS users. Darn!


Don't I need broadband to use this? How am I going to get that?


Somehow 'Free for $3/yr' doesnt seem really free...


Anyone care to explain what I can do with this?


@rustybender: 5 Gigs of online storage. So if you have a large file (or a bunch of files)you need to download on another machine, you can upload them and know where they are. You can have a non-physical back-up of important information (a spare hard drive or flash drive is no good if you lose it, after all) that's separate from your e-mail (for security reasons).


what can you do with a free server in the cloud? hmmm

install & run your own proxy server and
watch games that are blacked out in your area on espn3

register a domain, setup a mail server and have your own
little mail server connected all the time at high speed.

install a web server and host a domain or two.. for free

just dink around with a few linux distributions and learn how to
do system administration

install all the dev tools and write some software in whatever
language you can think of!


Not sure I understand this... I dont see anything about 5 GB free... Prices are listed as $0.15 a GB per month and so on...



The wording is a bit confusing. The offer is valid starting Nov. 1st for new customers. So if we sign up for AWS today, will we be considered new customers on Nov. 1st? Or, should we just ignore this post until Nov. 1st and sign up then?


@iampgray: You can sign up now, check the terms.

"Only accounts created after October 20, 2010 are eligible for the Offer. The Offer does not apply to any use of the AWS services prior to November 1, 2010. "


@smeddy: Online, up, and running... Found a Debian micro config in the community area and things are all "as advertised." Thanks, AWS. Web site(s), mail server, and basic LAMP system functioning well within micro-instance limitations.


This is sweet.

Amazon allows you FREE storage for your music, and increases to 20 gigs if you buy 1 album - they have cheap albums all the time.

You can share music with your friends - just log onto your amazon acct on their computer and you are good to go. apple is pissed because it ruined all their stupid encoding/ share blockers and the record companies are pissed because they'll sell less albums.