dealsthe flash: the complete series: dvd boxset for…


Two good things:
The theme song by Danny Elfman (which I'm STILL trying to find in mp3 . . . help, wooters!)
Mark Hamill as the Trickster (which he later parlayed into his Joker persona)


Bought this set about 5 years ago for much more. No regrets.


Why do I not remember this show? How many episodes are we talking in this set, anyway?


@lister22: Ran for a season, about 20-something episodes.


It's cheesy 90s TV at its best! I still love this show (even though Barry Allen isn't my favorite Flash). If I didn't already own this set, I'd be buying it now. Do not buy this if you expect something along the lines of the Justice League cartoons or Marvel movies. Buy this expecting something more along the lines of Max Headroom.


I should get this. Several years ago, I found a guy on eBay selling VHS tapes of episodes 1 and 2, that I assume he had recorded from the TV broadcast. Having fond memories of the show, I snatched those up, and I've been dragging them around since, in case I feel like watching it again.

Finally, I can get rid of them, and my VCR too!