dealstemperature controlled led cold & hot faucet…


The same thing is listed at ;

$3.99 each with $2.99 shipping so it is more expensive for 1 but each additional is only a dollar more. So they are cheaper if you are buying 2 or more.

From the pictures it looks like it is either white or chrome but the descritption does not specify.

It also looks like it is rather long. This may be a problem for low faucets.

yay, I think is my first or one of my first posts.


Likely cheaper on eBay. No, I'm not going to link it for ya.


If seen these advertised various places before and was going to get one to try out but all the reviews say they only last a couple of days or so before they stop working.
It would be cool though.

I'd like one of those faucets that have the sensors in so when you put your hand under it the water comes on automatically.


I bought one of these last weekend at my neighborhood Dollar Tree for $1.25+tax. It was fun and worked as advertised. It was easy to install, and I didn't need either of the adapters.

However, my faucet drips occasionally, and those drips were just enough water to keep the light on all the time until the batteries died the next day.


These are very awesome... for the 2-3 days that they work.