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We're sorry, coupon code "EMHG7PK8" does not exist at this store. Please verify the code and try again.


@rprebel: try code 9069 for $5 off a large pizza...


@pinchecat: Nope. Good deal, just doesn't work for everyone. Thanks anyway.


I hate my dominos! The codes never work!


Dominos is probably the unhealthiest pizza you can ever eat. Just say no.


Doesn't work for me, but the 9069 code worked.


g0dd4mm1t, i'm already eating Dominos!


cardboard is still cardboard


Yeah, coupon code does not work. Can anyone confirm that it even works anywhere? Also code "9069" is not working for me either...


I think this is only for OP's local store. Too bad...


"EMHG7PK8" and "9069" coupons did not work in Houston.


And here's the evidence that Dominos is pretty much the unhealthiest pizza you could hope to eat here in the US: the nutrition info.


@4khaos: EMHG7PK8 worked in houston for me....west side. seems like this one is hit or miss

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@unif2: I really don't care. If I want a pizza I know what I'm getting into ahead of time. Healthy is the furthest thing from my mind in that case.


Several of the Domino's stores near me offer this as a regular deal, for pick up orders.


Most stores in LA won't accept the possibility of a code like this. You could be the fifth in a row with a coupon, and you'll get the same puzzled Labrador look. Coupon? We don't know no stinkin coupon!
Plus this is LA. I cross the street from the club to the Dominos at 2nd St and PCH in Hermosa. The counter guy speaks some English, and I order a large Meat Lovers and a large Vegetarian to take back. When I come back to complain, he feels it's necessary to tell me that the guys in the back just make the pizzas look like the pictures he points out. ?!?! That don't mean it's OK!!!


@4khaos: Doesn't work for my Houston store either.


@unif2: oh god...another buzzkiller sucking all the fun out of the room.


@unif2: I don't understand your point. I've looked over the numbers. It's unhealthy. But it's pizza. There are at least 20 pizza shops within 5 minutes of here. None of them are any better health-wise. So what?

The only pizza that seems any different to me is actually Pizza Hut (I use the term "pizza" loosely here, even in comparison to Dominos), which tastes like it was cooked by frying it in butter.

In fact, I was curious, so I found a comparison of chain pizzas:

Pizza hut is worse, but not by a wide margin. News flash: All Pizza is unhealthy.


I used the code "Nine nine nine" from the original Pizza boy presidential candidate. And let guess, by 'any topping' they probably specifically exclude double toppings? Only thing I want on my pizza is 'double' cheese, since I have yet to find a restaurant that actually puts nearly enough cheese on it in the first place.


@unif2: You're such a moron. If your agreeing to eat pizza in the first bloody place I don't think "healthy" matters, let alone being an option.