dealspenny arcade adventures: precipice of darknessā€¦


does this worth it? is it a good rpg?


It's a good RPG, but if you don't read/enjoy Penny Arcade, it may not be as good. And for $3 for both, you might as well take the chance.


I bought it before I even had a chance to consider if I wanted it when I saw this on Steam. I don't regret it. I have a problem.


@jtt02: I know what you mean. I avoided steam like the plague just out of principle. It was something along the lines of "rawr ... stupid valve isn't getting any of my money ... rawr", a very cogent argument I know. But then when deals.woot had postings for the steam summer sale last year I finally broke down and installed it - big mistake.

I now have 39 games from steam. I too have a problem.


If you're a fan of Penny Arcade, it's a no-brainer. If you like old console RPGs like Chrono Trigger or Super mario RPG, you'll like this.

I bought the games at full price on the PS3 and loved every minute of them. Your progress in the first game carries over to the second and, while there was originally going to be a third game to the series, it never happened (the PA folks ended up doing part 3 as a light novel on their website).

All in all, a good game with a twisted sense of humor. I liked it, and I think you probably will too.


I loved these. It upset me greatly that they had to cancel the final episode. Its another example of underwhelming sales ruining a great series.


It's a must own for any PA fan. I bought Episode 1 on XBLA at launch and loved it. You can't beat this deal at all.