dealsfree hd equipment upgrades & nfl sunday ticket…


I don't know how dish and cable companies get away with advertising "free equipment" when they charge you $7+/month per receiver. Exactly which part is "free"? Eat me.


@thericochet: That would be Free HD Equipment "Upgrades", not free HD equipment.


"Free HD Equipment Upgrades & NFL Sunday Ticket™ Included in Choice Packages and Two Years of Commitment"

There fixed it for you.


This is only for new customers it cost $300+ for the season if your a old customers. That means +$60.00 a month for 6 months. SO your bill goes from $180.00 to $240.00.

Direct TV.......what about the long term customers discounts.... oh yea I forgot you gifted a 3 month $5.00 reduction on your bill.


I have left DirecTv because during my last 2 year commitment they raised the price over $20/month. The HD DVR starts breaking after a year and even though you pay to lease it, you have to pay to replace it. Sure they'll sell you an insurance plan but then you still have a deductible. Their customer service has also gone down hill. They are now sales people instead of trying to fix your problem. They used to be good, but they have gotten to be as money hungry (or worse) as the rest.


They wouldn't give me this package when I called. In fact, they were downright rude about not selling me anything. Hmm, I can't be sure, but it might have something to do with the suit I had against them...... but was it my fault their installer put up the dish wrong and it blew off my roof and left a big hole, and it rained in and caused a lot of damage before we disovered it? Was it my fault they ignored my pleas to pay me the $3,200 it cost to make the repairs? Is it my fault that you refused to settle the suit? I know, blame the jury for awarding me all that money, plus punitive damages. Guess I will have to try someone else......


That's also a complete bs story. Direct tv contracts out installation to companies that have their own insurance. You didn't sue Direct TV or get some large settlement from them. You also didn't try calling and getting this package either.


@triplebud: Of course I didn't..... and I haven't been an attorney for the last 30 years, either. Oh, wait, maybe you are the one who is wrong. Nah, couldn't be.