dealssamsung 500gb 840 2.5" solid state drivemz…


Note that this lacks the performance of the 830 and 840 Pro series.


@shinespark: And how much is a 500GB in the Pro series?


This is the entry-level SSD by Samsung. It is normally on Amazon for around $350-375, while the 840 Pro generally goes for $100 above that. This drive is comparable to the OCZ Vertez 4, while the 840 Pro is comparable to the OCZ Vector. $315 is still an excellent price...the best I've seen in months.


@tsog: The 512GB 840 Pro is currently on B&H Photo Video for $448.


No tax? I don't see anything on the site that says they're cover the tax you'll owe on that purchase. Even if they don't collect sales tax at point of sale, you'll still owe the same amount in use tax.


@sjohnsonsc: It's not due at the time of purchase. If you choose to pay or not pay the use tax when you file next year, that's up to you.


There is a new deal for the same price on Adorama. The BH Photo Video deal expires 8/24, while the Adorama does not specify an expiration date.