dealssid meiers civilization iv: the complete edition…


I spend so much of my life playing this...


I know you may be like, "Civ IV? Isn't Civ V out already?" Don't think that. They are both great games in their own right, but Civ V takes a different approach such that they feel almost parallel forks rather than sequential improvements of previous iterations of the Civilization franchise.

Civ IV is the one narrated by Leonard Nemoy. :)


Great game, my wife and I still play it together sometimes. Good way to waste a whole day & night! :-)


Does anyone else feel guilty when they take down America?


Yo, Civ IV, I'm happy fo you an imma let you finish, but Civ III was the best Civ game of all time. OF ALL TIME!


Also, try the Rise of Erebus mod. It's a complete reworking on the game that really changes things up.