dealssteve jobs by walter isaacson for $17.88


Hawking books as the body goes cold? Tacky.

BTW, if Steve really left it, it would be an AUTO-biography.


@bangchan: Not hawking. Celebrating.

If you look it up, this book was his idea. He knew his end was coming and he wanted it done, and commissioned this writer himself. SJ is someone I admired, and someone I wish would live longer. Cancer sucks, I went through it myself; I got lucky, twice, he didn't. But he put up a good fight; and this book would be his legacy, plus everything he did.

Look up his views on death; then you would know that the coming of this book is not "tacky"; he wouldn't have thought so. He wants you all to read it.

Take these negativity off, there is a life to celebrate. See how many people he made happy?


@lll0228: This book, no matter how good, is not even published yet. That makes it hawking.


@bangchan: I agree that waiting a bit before posting this would have been more respectful but you didn't need to be so sarcastic.


@mistermagic: You are right, sorry. It's just that I've seen a lot of junk like bumper stickers and t-shirts being sold here just hours after Steve died. And where does that money go? To greedy people cashing in on the death of a great man. He made my world tenfold better. I can't help but resent profits being made that way.


@bangchan: I respect your opinion, without agreeing with you. I do not think that this is "hawking"; Steve Jobs was one of the most successful capitalists in this country. He would have done it himself, riding trends, seeing where trends converge and take advantage of it. That's what he did.

"Waiting a bit" is random. How much is "a bit"? How long afterwards would be respectful? You don't have an answer; and any answer would just be a random belief based on your own feelings. (Think about it).

I celebrate this man's life, by posting a book that he commissioned, about his life, to inspire more people. I respect him, very much (while not agreeing with certain part of his management style either). That's not up to you to decide; that's up to me.