dealsstanley fatmax xtreme round top tool bag for $34…


This is the Best.....Price......Ever on these. It keeps your tools organized and the round top gives easy access, no more dumping out your tools to find the one on the bottom.


I've been needing a nice sized toolbox for quite some time-- up 'till now, I've been using drawers to store the tools and cardboard boxes (can you say, moofi boxes? Of course you can) for portability. Anyway, this tool bag fits the bill perfectly.


Thanks, I was just looking for a new tool bag today.


59.99 at Amazon, plus shipping and tax (for me) total of 72. 57 at Overstock, so this seems like a pretty good deal.


I think the picture makes this look smaller than it is. It's 21 inches long IRL. They probably should have placed something next to it for scale. A Woot monkey wearing Carhartt coveralls, perhaps?