dealssandisk 16gb microsdhc memory card, class 4 for…


The item isn't showing up. I have reached out to the merchant. EDIT: Fixed.


How can folks vote up something that you can't buy? They list a good price here but they don't have it on their site.


no good for video recording on gopros


I placed an order for 2, even though there were some complaints about the seller on a couple of websites. Nothing about shady practices, just slow service and poor communication. So we shall see . . .


It would be an OK price for Class 10, selling Class 4 these days at any price is just a rip off. I always vote down class 4, and its a scandal that this is a highlight deal. Mods, shame on you.


A lot of times legit Sandisk class 4's are faster than other brands class 10's.


@kidkobun: This is an in-store pick-up deal only. FYI.