deals16gb sandisk cruzer flash drive for $11.99


Anybody know about the speed? I mean, it's a good deal regardless, but I'm just curious.


@captainsuperdawg: I agree, great deal. I couldn't find a speed listed on Sandisk's site or on their product sheets. Amazon reviews are mostly positive, but do show some complaints about slow speed.

EDIT Found something.
Write speeds: 18 mb/s
Read speeds: 25 mb/s
This is according to:


I own this one. Picked it up for around the same price on black friday. Its definitely worth getting at this price, but the reviews on slow speed are accurate.


I bought the 32GB version of this several months ago, planning to use it to backup my files while installing a new SSD. I didn't get around to it right away and when I finally started to use it, it was very hit or miss in Windows 7. Meaning, sometimes it'll read it and sometimes it won't. Disk Management won't even pick it up. As soon as I plug it into an old XP box, everything works as expected.

I assume it's just mine, but figured I'd warn everyone just in case. Obviously, YMMV. Unfortunately it was too late to return it by the time I realized the issue.


I picked up one of these for about the same price some time last year and it is really slow. I use it for music in my car and the seek time when fast forwarding through a track is horrible. Great for storage but not good for quick transfers if you are running late.


Great deal on this. I've used mine on mac and windows 7 without any problems whatsoever. The speed has never been too large of an issue for me.

One thing that does bug me occasionally- I don't love the sliding feature on the Sandisk models. Sometimes it retracts when you're trying to plug it in.


I bought one some years ago, but bow want a new! Great deal, thank you!


Thanks for the deal! In for 3. Had no problems ordering online, shipped to home.


good deal for 16 gigs. yeah the speed is not that great, and as one person mentioned, the sliding feature can sometimes retract if you don't hold it in place. But so far my Win 7 64bit and my Ubuntu machines have no trouble recognizing it.


I stopped at a local store and picked up 10 of them (no limit AND I had "rewards" money that had to be used up, so WIN-WIN!!)

GREAT stocking stuffers for next year's college kids... :D


This is not nearly a good deal as the 16gb flash drive I got at Best Buy for $19.99 a few weeks ago.

That is because the flash drive was tiny. Barely anything more than the metal USB interface. Incredible technology advance, and perfect for my car stereo.