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Make sure you select the Value Shipping method and then enter the coupon code "wootship" without quotes during checkout. Unfortunately this coupon doesn't work with Amazon/Google checkouts, and Value Shipping isn't available to all destinations, sorry!

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I think these look extremely practical and I just got one!


What a bizarre and unique product that I can't believe I've never seen before. Considering it for concealed carry while biking or walking in athletic clothes.


Bought a black one off your Amazon store (to use Prime) but I wish I could have gotten the orange one at that price ;)

Not all of us like black the best ... wait that came out wrong


does it fit my biology textbook?


I'm a sucker for unique carry bags so I couldn't resist getting one of these. I paid with PayPal, which worked fine, but it was disconcerting that I had to authorize the PayPal transaction before being given the option to apply the "wootship" code for free shipping.


I ride a motorcycle everywhere (literally. no car) and this looks great. I have a regular messenger bag and it tends to flap around in the wind unless there's something heavy in it. Something with a small profile like this looks ideal for small items such as a concealed carry gun (as mentioned previously) or lunch. Definitely checking this out. Anybody own one?


Bought one. FYI-add to cart button would not work in firefox. Had to reopen page in IE.


@stazja01: What version are you using? That's something we'd want to look into ASAP.


I'm interested on one of these - has anyone found the dimensions for the pockets? How roomy are they? Papers? Or just keys, phone and energy bar? I saw complete descriptions for all the other products I looked at on this site, just very little to say about this sling-bag-thing.


@jimkingadventure: Sorry about the lack of dimensions - the manufacturer doesn't supply them to us.

The pockets stretch a little bit, but from personal experience I'd say you can fit stuff like a wallet, a phone, keys, energy bar, iPod/mp3 player, a point & shoot camera, a firearm, a small makeup case... you get the idea. You wouldn't be able fit papers without folding them. A bottle of water would fit, but would look kinda silly.

I think our short video (1 min) really gives you an idea of what you can fit. It's on the product page too, underneath the image.

Hope that helps!


@nortonsark: Thanks for the feedback Norton - I will pass it along to our developers, maybe we can make the process better!


The developer should make a version with lots of reflect-able patches (maybe silver reflective patches over each pocket - or something) on it. Would be great for motorcycle and bicycle riders. If done stylishly (i.e. no day-glo colors), I'd probably pick one up.


I may have to consider this item. I'm a dogwalker and don't carry a purse or whatever. For those days I wear pants/shorts w/o belt loops to clip everything I need to, this could really come in handy.

Also, does it fit sort-of snug? So if I went jogging, it wouldn't be flopping all over the place.


@myfester: It's adjustable, can make it as tight as you'd like!


@opticsplanet: ACK! I didn't apply the wootship code! Darn it! Any chance of having it applied to my order, still?


@carolynlibrarian: Call 800-504-5897 with your order number, explain that you found the promo on deals.woot, you have a free shipping code and you'd like to apply it to your order. They should be able to take care of it!


Oh, look. A glorified fanny pack.


These are cool and especially useful if you're into geocaching :)


I've been impressed with the company's responsiveness on this site. I found some other stuff to order from them as well. Good job.


wootship does not work. Tried in Chrome & Explorer, using latter, did appear for split second to remove shipping, then page auto-refreshed, & said "invalid coupon code"