dealsninja blender on 1saleaday for $19.99


I have this blender and it is fantastic. Highly recommend.


Actual link is

I also have this blender and like it...just don't forget to put the blade in BEFORE your ingredients.


I have the Pro model with the 600W motor. Love it.


I have this and a blendtec I use this for purees and Hummus more, and the blentec for smoothies. Though this works for smoothies too just not as well as the other. But for the price you can't go wrong in my opinion.


I have the Ninja Warrior immersion blender set, not the same one as this, but was impressed with it and the quality. Seems Ninja has some decent stuff


All ninja are better at pureeing than actually any sort of coarse chopping no matter how much you "pulse" the button. Salsa almost invariably comes out mush and you still have to do prep work to make sure it comes comes out decently. Ice and stuff comes out wonderfully however, but you still get dead zones if your mix doesn't have enough liquid.


@ozzallos: Agreed.

I've had mine for just over 2 years. The blades are still as sharp as day one and the power pod provides enough power to puree rocks. That said, just a few pulses is enough to obliterate anything in there. If you hold the button down for more than a few seconds, expect a liquid version of what you put in there. Salsa is probably the one and only thing I wouldn't recommend making in this. I like my salsa a little chunky, like pico, than liquid like Pace.