dealscraftsman horizontal air compressor for $79.99…


125PSI 1 HP . craftsman!!!!
this is a killer deal !!


I actually own one of these, although it's an older version. Pretty handy to have around. Great for airing up tires, balls, and light use with brad or staple guns. However would not recommend for use with impact guns, drills, saws etc. Just doesn't have the capacity. Decent price - that's about what I paid for mine 5 years ago.


Just went to the local Kmart and picked up. Forwarned, it says its on sale at 99.99 in he store from the original price of 119.99 and the dope at the register wouldnt give me the 79.99 even when I showed him its on there right now with no shipping options.

Asked for the manager and I was quickly appeased. Probably because there was about fifteen people on line behind me ready to go nuts.


The way this works is you buy it online and pick it up in the store. The online cart takes out the extra $20 then go to the store & pick it up...Easy as that.... I've made that same mistake too (at Best Buy) and had to go to their online order center to purchase it for the discount. Wasted about 30-min of my time.


Coupon code KMART10PSAVINGS cuts the price to 71.99