dealsreplace your lost cellphone charger for free


I guess you can misconstrue a lot of stuff on lifehacker as a "deal." FREE ADVICE $0.00 -- MUST BE ABLE TO READ


If I had lost mine and no stores where open, hay its a great idea . I will keep it in mind.


look at it as a form of recycling! ill keep this in mind if i lose mine.


Just make sure its the same voltage >.>

Stealing from 'lost and founds' is also a good way to get free sunglasses, watches etc.
Another cool tip: you can sleep in doorways so it wont rain on you.


I don't think it's that bad of a tip. I also noticed someone mentioned just flat out admitting you forgot to bring yours and borrow it from them while you're there, 100% ethical, and very unlikely they'll turn you down.

Does it belong on deals.woot? hmm, I dunno, but glad I saw it, as I travel a TON for work (not forgotten my charger yet though)


I figure if islands are listed here as a "deal", then yes, I could put this up. As I said, it is more of a tip. But based on the majority of comments, some people do appreciate it. The other comments, well I've made my share of snarky comments here too. And it's not bacon-related.


I work at a hospital and literally have a milk crate filled to the brim with cell phone chargers. They've been there for over 3 years and I'd say about 2 people have come back for their chargers. There has to be 30 chargers there...


this is a tip, sure.


if I get a vote, this kind of stuff does not belong here


@obob I wasn't trying to pass this off as a deal. I did mention it was a tip. But if someone saves money by reading this and doesn't have to spend money buying a charger, isn't that a deal? Would you rather read about multi million dollar islands for sale here like others post? I've seen many things that are certainly not good prices or good deals listed here, but they are entertaining or informative. As long as it is not offending anyone, why complain?


I'm with @piercedgeek on this one- be honest and tell them you forgot yours and ask if they have extras. You'll be helping reduce their pile and you won't be a lying thief.


HILARIOUS, If someone came all the way back for a charger they either 1 have no life or 2 like to waste money retrieving a 2$ item.. doesn't it cost more in gas to travel back to these places.. Im sure they would know your fibbing but not care..

Im going to try this for fun tho, (anyone seen my psp charger?) lets just hope the real owner doesnt come back for it too hehehe


Might as well grab the complementary continental breakfast buffet while there.


Done it twice... both legitimate charger losses. Not only did I get chargers, but USB cables, iPod wall usb bases, etc. Hotel wants them gone. I needed the charge.


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