dealslogitech harmony 1100 remote (after mir) for $261…


List Price is $499.00. Sale price is the cheapest it has ever been so far.
Remote is touchscreen and has RF capability.


Does it come with a set of casters so you can wheel this behemoth around?


@brossow: probably need to find a deal on a shoulder harness!
size wise it doesn't look much bigger than a pspGO.

of course you could always use the touch/iphone for remote functions:


This is a very good price. I spend the same amount when I bought this with my employee discount at best buy. That is cost (price best buy pays the distributor) + 5%


If you are considering this remote, be sure to watch last nights "Modern Family" episode on
I'll pass as this thing costs more and is 2x bigger than my 19" TV. (-;


This was featured on Attack of the Show last night 3/24/2010.

Off topic---> How hot is Olivia Munn in a hot tub? Watch the episode and find out!!


@pw1388: Why do you need this fancy/hitech of a remote? Are the old school remotes not good enough these days. I'm not bashing you, I'm just curious. My bf thinks we need one, and I'm sure sure I see the advantage when they cost as much as the TV did.