dealscasillero pipe intro offer for $9.99 + shipping


No mention of what material the pipe body is made of. For this price, I can't imagine it's wooden. A cheap wooden pipe in this style (like a Dr. Grabow) is about $30-35. Other materials may heat more quickly (making them hard to handle) or affect the quality of the smoke.


@stazja01: Called about this offer and found the pipe is made of oak. A steal for the price. Like you said, a Grabow will set you back $30.


A good starter pipe that will get the job done! Nothing fancy great for newb or to add to a collection.


Will this ship to New York or will it get confiscated?


Great price but keep in mind that shipping is $4.95.


Heck, it's worth a shot. I hate cigarette smoke. But, have always liked the smell from a pipe.


@cmcnulty81: Still a great price, as stazja01 & slasko1 pointed out.

Hell, even without the tobacco (which I'll prob give to a friend; I'm pretty picky about my tobacco tastes) and the tool, a great deal. The tool's worth $5 ($10-20 if it's really silver, as it states - but I really doubt that).


Good intro price if you've thought about getting into smoking, or want a good stocking stuffer for the kids.


Cigar International has always been great to buy from, in my experience. I've got a few pipes already, but I may pick this up as a loaner for friends who visit and forget to bring their pipe.


Not a bad deal ... Picked this up and a box of chocolate DR cigars.


Nice little starter pipe for those who are just looking to try it out before investing in a nicer pipe. I'd recommend checking a nice local tobacco shop for loose tobacco though. The tin stuff just isn't the same! (And you don't get the benefit of smelling the tobacco.)


stick this in your pipe and SMOKE IT!!!


Mouth, throat & lung cancer .. Only $9.99!


due to your advisement that it's made of oak and a good buy...I bought one, with 2 other types of tabacoo.. something vanillla and something cherry. Never been around anyone with a pipe, and hate smokers....but something about the smell of a pipe is nice. Some older dude in the grand caiman islands broke one out after snorkeling...was pretty cool :P