dealskfc - family sized double chocolate cake (with…


As if fried chicken isn't fattening and unhealthy enough, the Colonel has ordered instant heart-attacks.


KFC franchises are getting mighty difficult to find these days. The one in my hometown shutdown and I think the nearest me here in Scottsdale is 20 minutes away. I do like cake though...


so when I clicked the link, I saw the free cake promo but when I printed the coupons, I didn't get free cake coupon :( now I want fried chicken...and chocolate cake :(


Popeyes > KFC, but KFC is still a good choice if you can find one. Two near me have closed, and the closest option I have is a combo KFC/Taco Bell. They seem to focus more on the Taco Bell side though.


there are three KFC's in my town but what I really like if the KFC/A&W combo in the next town over.


I heard that KFC has more MSG than any other common fast food chain, though I don't know how reliable it is. It makes sense, their food is sooo addicting. Just cover everything with gravy, oh my gosh I love that gravy.


@lll0228: Haha. I love how any talk regarding health is instantly downvoted, such a sad state of affairs.


Damnit!!! No free cake coupon! This is horrible, Now I too want chicken and cake!


Oh man I've always loved these cakes. Most people don't know about them but they've had them for over 10 years. They are often out of stock when I ask for them though, so don't get your hopes up like I do


Just what I wanted with my clogged arteries, diabetes! Just kidding I'll probably get this.


Can I buy 10 Double Downs and wash them down with a chocolate cake?