dealsadult psycho clown costume for $38.99


This is what I imagine certain wooters look like before their morning coffee...


Yikes! Run, or Scary Clown will get you! ;)


Dennis: I can't believe you actually dressed like a clown. You're going to draw so much attention.

Dee: Well, I thought we were getting into the killer's shoes.

Dennis: Well, the killer's not a psycho clown, Dee, all right? That's only in movies-- stupid ones.

Dee: Oh, really? John Wayne Gacy-- he was a psycho clown. He was an excellent one. Good work.

Dennis: Yeah.

Dee: See?

Dennis: Actually you're right, he was pretty cool.


Well, there's some nightmare fuel.


Pennywise scares me: "We all float down here". My brother has that pic as his avatar on Steam and it freaks me out.


No kidding,that is me before the morning coffee. :P