dealssuper talent 4gb micro sdhc class 4 memory card w…


Meh. 8GB cards are like $6 shipped on newegg, 16GB for $12.


Ordered five, they wanted 14.99 for shipping. Pass.

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$1/GB for class 4. No bargain. I got 32 GB Class 10 w/USB adapter thrown in for $27 all in. Well-reviewed Super Talent. I needed class 10 for 10MB - 2GB files.


This was previous;y a sponsored deal. Not a bad deal, and I'm glad someone saved the link.


In 2001, my wife an I went on our honeymoon with a new digital camcorder. We splurged $115 to get the 126MB memory stick, and now you can get 4GB delivered for under $4. Kids these days don't know how good they have it...


I work for a photography studio. I thought that these would be ideal for how we photograph. We could have plenty on hand, so we can keep them as back-ups and rotate them in. I went to order 50, thinking it would be around $60.00 even with shipping. No, it was $200.00, because they were going to charge me $150.00 in shipping for 50 SD cards. Ah, no thank you.


Shipping is $2.99 for each one you order, so it's really $3.98. Still a decent price, though.


@sliprat: Your smart, prices on SDHC / micro sd memory is so low now I just use them like I used to use 110 or 35mm film. I never erase anything. Why erase, so I can get rid of 1000 pics on a great piece of backup media.

I also backup on other media and on the cloud. But the whole idea of deleting images died about two years ago for me.