dealssunbeam 6142 hot shot hot water dispenser w…


Extremely useful for anyone who enjoys tea or cup noodles.
Not as good as the older model, this has been redesigned for 'safety', which makes it more difficult to see when the vessel you're filling is in danger of overflow, as well as making it almost twice as deep, taking up quite a bit more shelf space. Additionally the redesign has put the emptying-plug in the middle of the crucible, which means that water will ALWAYS be left inside, instead of fully draining as with the old model.

Find the older version (Model 3211 or similar, the one I had before was even thinner though) instead; has the 'on' button at the front right next to the 'dispense' button and is FAR better than this.
Alternately, just get an electric kettle. More convenient, greater capacity, has none of the above problems, and are available for far cheaper.