dealsfree 8x10 custom canvas, just pay for shipping or…


@yeller: Sorry, Sparky -- I mean "yeller" -- in the world of photographic prints, $50 to $100 is, as others point out here, a great price, which makes a free canvas print shipped for $14.95 a true bargain. If you've never taken a picture worth putting on a wall, you wouldn't know this.



You obviously didnt read the offer. Free canvas means FREE canvas.

Btw, it's not our fault if you got ripped off in the past ($50). Good thing you found this site.


It's not unusual for an 8" x 10" canvas print to cost $50. Some people here don't know drip about this topic and shouldn't be charging this company with "gouging."


usually good quality canvas prints run from $50-$100. CanvasPeople has deals like this every now and then, and I usually end up ordering one. I have a couple right now and just love them. They turn out beautifully.


Worked for me! And as someone who has bought canvases before, $14.95 all-included is a great deal for a print (even if it is an 8 x 10). If you want to get multiple of the same print, the additional shipping is just $7.95!


After step 4 of ordering, an upsell box pops up, then the order goes... nowhere. Tried to order a dozen times, on different laptops. Website will not proceed to checkout. Blah.


Their quality is good, The real savings is if you want a bigger print.


the "free" canvas is 14.95 for shipping


@eeekdageek: I ordered two prints from there. Both came out very nicely. The only suggestion I have is to make sure you have a little bit more room by the border, because the canvas does get wrapped a little bit on the edge. You probably won't notice though.
It is a great deal. Go for it.


$14.95 to ship.

Considering shipping an item like is between $5-$10, we are obviously gouged to recover the "free" canvas


How much is shipping? They seem to be reluctant to talk about it.


Has any one purchased from this site and what did you think of the quality?