dealsnine inch nails album the slip download for $0.00


Note: everything except standard MP3 requires Torrent software.
Also requires submitting e-mail address, response is quick, so throwaway e-mails work well.


Should be noted: "free" is just so that everyone can access their music and they're big enough to be able to do this sort of thing without a record label crapping it up.

I've seen a couple of smaller bands do this and I always try my best to donate at least 5$, in the hopes that they'll continue to do it.

I wish more bands would do this, that's my real reason for donating money, so that in their success other bands will try to imitate them.


This has been free for four years.


@mattjenkins76: Useful note. But I and many others did not know about it until it was posted here. Good deal still, IMO.


@lxzndr: mailinator is your friend ;)


If you like the CD, go watch the tour

Particularly, the Echoplex video with the on screen beatpad


VERY COOL! Thank you so much!!!!


I love free music. Thanks for the link!


9 tracks from Ghosts I is also available. Always wanted to check this band out...


I think it’s funny that if you click on the DVD of Closure it links to The Pirate Bay (it was never officially released on DVD but was leaked out)


If you didn't know this album was free over the past 4 years, you're NOT a NIN fan...and the need to DL it is questionable. It's not like Trent went out of his way to publicize this back then, or anything...


well i am a long term nine inch nails fans, and i was not aware of this. not every fan has to check every forum in existence every day to be considered a fan. Just this last week, I have been listening to the lost highway soundtrack, to and from work, just because it is that good, and because it contains the NIN perfect drug. Yes I listen to it on CD, as intended.~! ~


Mad, naw. I love how someone finds something mediocre and it get's voted up, but find something good and it gets "meh".

Trent was made a big deal for releasing this free because of all the piracy issues going on then - it was ABC/CBS news stories. Has nothing to do with following blogs or forums.


@rroberto: Cool. You sound chill now, and I can totally understand your feelings on the voting patterns here. I and many other deals.wooters have frustrations and strong opinions about how people vote and whether good deals get passed over for trendy non-deals.

However, I know that the Woot community tries to encourage politeness, and I replied to your comment only because it was very rude and insulting, even if you did not mean it to be. For those of us who missed this news in 2008 it is a great deal we didn't know about until @kllangellier posted it 17 hours ago.



@grabby: this album is good but Ghosts I (the other free DL) is "experimental instrumentals". i'd recommend starting at the beginning with Pretty Hate Machine and working your way forward. One of the best bands of all time if you like rough guitars, heavy synths, grinding machinery, and dark lyrics.


@somnambulator: I like few of those things, but I'll give it a whirl. :)

Thanks for the recommended approach.