dealsea games, starting for $4.99 + free shipping


Origin activation! Stay away! :(


@vuhoanganhtu1992: downvoting. Origin is exactly the same thing as Steam. It requires no additional hate. If you can go online to purchase this game and activate it in origin, you can play it. Why does that somehow invalidate the deal?

This might only ever make the deal bad for someone who doesn't already have origin on their PC, which is already required to play anything EA has produced in the last 3 years.


@rockmasterflex69: Nah, Origin is a huge pain in the butt - I'd rather keep all my stuff in one place (on steam).


In case anyone is wondering, what's decent on here is probably the Crysis Maximum edition, the Dragon Age stuff, and the Command and Conquer stuff. Probably not Command & Conquer 4 though. Just Red Alert 3 and the Collection. Burnout Paradise isn't bad but it's nothing really groundbreaking in the series. I wasn't a fan of Darkspore at all, but I guess if you're really in to a generic hack and slash of mediocre to poor quality, this is a good price.

I don't know much about the rest.


alice madness returns is pretty underrated. great environments, decent story


After the simcity fiasco, most are avoiding anything from EA like the plague.


Again, this is a deal site. We should be upvoting or downvoting based on the deal. Not based on your opinion of the service or product (there's lots of review sites where a person can look up this info). Is the price cheaper than anywhere else recently? That's really the only metric to upvote or downvote a deal. If you don' t like Origin and think EA is the devil, then fine don't buy from them. But this is still a good deal for those that do have Origin or want one of these games.

I have Steam, Origin, UPlay (Ubisoft), Windows Games for Live, Capsule (Greenmangaming). You know what? After Steam, I don't notice too much difference between the rest of them.

Any DRM sucks in my opinion. But it's a reality of modern PC gaming or videos or music. Origin works fine enough for me. You can install on different computers and games runs fine. There are occasionally very good deals on Origin. Alice Madness Returns or Battlefield 3 are good reasons enough to have Origin.


@superattorney: I disagree with price being the only metric by which a deal should be judged. A perfect example is the bkindustries fiasco - sure the products were priced cheaper, but they were still junk, and the service was appalling - the costs aren't only monetary, but are also reflected in the effort and usability.

For the uninformed - origin isn't exactly like steam. It's implementation is far more invasive, and restrictive. It's ease of use is bunk. Since most of these offerings are older titles which CAN be had sans origin - as a potential customer i appreciate when it's pointed out they are origin activated, and will happily move on. Until origin gets its act together, i will actively avoid any product using it.


Let's not forget, EA did win a title 2 years running. They beat Bank of America 2 years in a row as being the worst company. So they're number one at something.


I would recommend avoiding greenmangaming. I preordered Bioshock Infinite from them and they sent me a key that had already been activated by someone else. They still haven't sent me a new key or a refund.


@thomesandy: I've purchased from GMG at least 20 times now, and never have had any complaints. They have amazing sales all the time. They also have at least 20% off on most everything all the time.


@mothervanawesome: Let me know how that works if EA doesn't allow this anymore.

BEcause it doesn't.

Origin is just a fact of life people. Downvoting a sale because you have to activate games on Origin is literally as dumb as downvoting a sale because you have to activate it on Steam.


@goatcrapp: I guess I should clarify. Sure a good deal is not just price. Getting the cheapest car is not always the best deal. Nonetheless, we're talking about Origin and games running on Origin. The games work as advertised. So I don't see how this is a bad deal for the money if you don't have these games and want some really good games for a sweet heart deal. I especially recommend Alice: Madness Returns.

Is Origin better than Steam? No, it's not. Steam is the best of all the DRM out there, but even then I don't like Steam. I'd rather have game I can install multiple times via disk with no DRM. However, that's not really possible any more with most modern games.

I think Origin is better than GWL or UPlay. I don't like EA as a publishing company. However, if they offer great games at a discounted price, I'm willing to live with them. Since I use Origin, I can tell you that I have no problems with it as a DRM. You can opt out of it collecting information on your rig.


I await the day EA goes bankrupt with great eagerness.


@charlesp2009: To many tools in the world, their rights to the NFL with the Madden franchise alone is enough to keep them afloat. EA and Activision pretty much own mainstream gaming.


I have yet to be able to checkout and pay for a game on GMG. I've emailed them days ago and got no response. It gets to the confirmation screen and it's blank and I can't do anything. I'd love to get in on a lot of their deals but can't.


The deals must change because it is not the same list anymore.
I might get mercinaries2 for $2.50


They added a whole bunch of games. I've been waiting for a deal on Mercenaries 2 and I've never seen this at a better price. I may just add this on its own.


I ended buying Mercs 2, but had a problem with the key. Origin wouldn't accept the key. I found out from the support pages for Crysis Maximum Edition that for older EA games you have to go to a classic EA website then enter your key from there.

Also, you get 20% off with the green man gaming code.