dealsquiznos - small sub w/ purchase of sub & drinkā€¦


I tried to use a Quiznos coupon yesterday and was informed "We don't take no internet coupons" so definitely check first before ordering.


Just used one today I got off woot, the $1 for a small sub when you purchase another sub at regular price. I got 2 small subs for change over $5.
With this deal it would have been change under $7 but of course you'd get a drink which I passed on today. Either coupon is a good deal and I've never been denied a internet coupon at any of the 3 Quiznoes near me.....sounds like a local franchise is taking matters into his own hands, which I'd guess if Quiznos corporate found out they would be none too happy. As a franchisee my guess is legally he's bound to take the coupons, of course it may not be worth your trouble to pursue it.
If I ever run into a merchant who refuses to take a legitimate coupon I walk out(leaving my merchandise at the counter) never to return, well unless I find out the store is now under new management.
Many years ago a Quiznoes near me was getting pissy about accepting coupons, I stopped going their and a couple months later it was closed!