dealscapital one cash back credit card for $0.00


NOT a woot deal, an ad for a credit card company, booooo!


@mmchase: NOT an ad. I'm not trying to SELL anything. Read the description.


@sporadic: 1. other deals also not trying to sell anything
2. even though i've got nothing against Cap1, they are not the only ones to give 1% back of everything
3. you should probably mention that it's not available for everybody, unlike other products

yni yni

I've seen several other credit card deals posted, including a few from AmEx (which I took advantage of), so I think this fits the deals.woot canon. That said, isn't this their welcome package? Or have I been mishearing Alec Baldwin?


Explain why this isn't a deal like any other?
1) I find this useful and it saves me money. Just trying to help.
2) Nobody has to get it.
3) You're absolutely right, Cap 1 isn't the only cash back card, but it's no different than brands between deals.
4) If folks are truly offended by this I'll RIP it.


1. i welcome things that help us save money. + here
2. just wanted to point out that to get it you gotta qualify

And the thing with credit cards is that they are like fire: you need to know how to handle them or you get burned. That's what makes people alerted. Nothing personal

yni yni

Do they give you a deal on the interest they charge? Because, if not.. no deal here.


Chase and Citi Capitol offer $150 back for spending $500 with 12 months 0 interest, and $200 cash back for spending $1000 (with no 0 interest.) I have done both, and they both paid off.

I must caution, as others have mentioned, credit will kill you if you don't know how to use it. 80% of people who use a 12 month 0 interest deal don't have it paid off in 12 months and end up paying 25-30%! Chase is also among the worst of customer service and will fine you for things that are their fault. Haven't had any trouble with the others yet.