dealsruffled bandeau bikini in stretch gauze for $59…


@matthewjfazio: No, no, no..

You're supposed to say MOM??!!


Ah, the new woot. Ohcheri must be paying a lot of money in advertising to keep getting their $60 bathing suits rubbed in our collective faces. Figuratively of course. I would be complaining less if it wasn't.


@matthewjfazio: yes, your comment should be "mom"
more or less like bart's I didnt do it


@nords: You do realize that this is the "community" section of Woot, right? This is where anyone can post a deal. So Ocheri can and does post deals from her site often.


@hobbitss: I was just trying to get it in before jeshuaenriquez did it!


@firefox91 thanks. Since woot doesn't get anything out of it, this frees me to mock them. I only wish I could post a picture of my overweight hairy body in one of their bikinis. That would help sales. Anyone want to join the mock?


@nords: No. Lose weight. Get some esteem. Don't be a jag.


I'm a 55 year old guy, if that helps with the imagery. I am also quite happy with myself - no self esteem issues although I am aware that I am not as pretty naked (or wearing a bikini) as I was. I did win a Hairiest Chest contest so no shaving. I did have to google 'jag' since I didn't mind being an elegant British sports car. Now you hurt my feelings. Seriously though, the point of satire is to make a statement through indirect means that might otherwise go unnoticed. I am hoping Ohcheri will tone down their posting rate to a few a week.


he mad...
Dad, get off the internet, we're not serious here.