dealspersonalized kids' books for $27.99 + free…


$28 is a lot of money for a kids book, even one that has your kid's first name sprinkled occasionally.


It's the kind of thing you get your niece or godchild.


No Sale.

Haven't I seen this sort of thing elsewhere for about 1/3 the price? Moreover, if you're looking to give a special gift of a book, why not write and make it yourself. Then it could REALLY be personalized with lots of details.....and speical items added within the book. If you've created a masterpiece your child will treasure, take it to Staples or FedEx store (ex-Kinko's) and have it bound inexpensively. Last time I had some books bound at the latter it cost me about $2.40 each for 10.


Agreed. There's so much awesome children's literature out there that only the truly lacking in imagination would waste nearly 30 bucks on something this lame. For the same money you could get the kid several Dr Suess or Maurice Sendak books, or if you don't mind buying used you could start them a whole little library for similar money.


@smartheart: Or make a Book WITH your kid, Apparently my mom has a bunch of care bear stories that I made up as a kid