dealssnorerx - stop snoring now - free sample for $0…


Link worked great! We'll see about the shipment.


If you have to be up to buy this how can it stop snoring now. Unless you snore when you're awake.


Is this a sample, or a trial? I saw this deal a couple days ago, however I think it is just for a 3 night in home trial.


Interesting concept. You can also get a 9 night trial for only 2 bucks.


Email rec'd:

"UPDATE: Since February 28th we've received more than 20,000 responses to our trial offer, and our warehouse has temporarily run out of inventory. We are excited that so many of you want to try our product, and want to reassure that you're still on our list to receive your Snore Rx sample as soon as we restock. Meanwhile, we'll try to keep our warehouse staff from going crazy fulfilling all of these orders - they won't have to worry about snoring, because they won't be getting any sleep! Either way, you're on the list and your sample will be on their way to you within the next several weeks."

They've got a sense of humor about it, in any case.


This will be good, because I also have some free samples of Breathe Rights, so I can do a comparison.


Site is giving me invalid shipping rate with no option except to cancel my order. I'm bummed, but my wife is really bummed!