dealsowl pendant, amazon for $1.79 + free shipping


3.25 inches tall? I feel like this would be much cuter if it were smaller. I'll pass.


28 days shipping, should be here by Christmas.


It's barely $2 and it's awesome. Do you want it to find your iphone while you nurse a hangover or something?


I have this (paid more too) and it's super cute. The chain is nice and long as well, so it's a great size for a long low necklace. Totally worth the wait.


I got the same one through Amazon for $0.77.... It looks great, but I doubt that I will end up wearing it as a necklace. I do like the idea of a sun catcher though. :)


Other sellers on amazon have this for $.71 and free shipping.


My wife loves owls and I bought this for her the last time it came up -- it was only $0.77 shipped that time. (it's now only $0.72 on Amazon at

At that time there were several comments in forums and on Amazon saying how fabulous this was and that it looked MUCH more expensive than it was. I know opinions are just that, opinions, but I would say that this pretty much looks like what it costs. For less than a buck I didn't expect much but my hopes were much higher given all of the previous glowing comments.

My wife does not have expensive jewelry but she doesn't wear this out. I'm not surprised. I would say it's fine for our 9 and 3 year old daughters, or to put in gift bags for a girl's owl-themed birthday party. However, if you're a grown woman, or buying this for a grown woman, don't assume this will be something that you (or she) will definitely be comfortable wearing out.


I know some people have said that this doesn't look very nice, but I have a good friend that loves owls, and loves the vintage look, so I think this will be perfect for her! And if not, it's only $0.71 lost using this link...


@kcmark: Thanks for the alternate link! I bought it there instead for $0.71 instead of $1.66, lol.


If you look at the other shops that sell it on the right it looks like this is just a cheap piece of mass produced gimmick jewelry made in Hong Kong. Not saying owl lovers will hate it, just saying it literally is just stamped out of cheap metal in a factory that's probably doing thousands of em every hour.