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I ordered this $120 wetsuit for $60 and free shipping. Thought it 'woot-able' enough to share. The whole site is practically on sale for 40-50% off.


Link's broken. you can go through the main page it would appear.


I spend thousands of dollars each year on sporting equipment and clothing and I will NEVER give Dick's another nickle after the way they threw their shooting customers under the bus. I don't even look at their ads, those go straight into the trash.

I support and patronize the businesses that support my rights. Dick's sought to gain political advantage by abandoning a segment of their customers. They have to live with the results of that business decision.



Before the Newtown shooting, Dicks had taken customers money for preorders of a special edition AR15 that were to be delivered at a later date. At some point after the Newtown shooting, after the price of AR type rifles had doubled due to demand, Dicks decided not to honor the orders and refunded the money. Now those customers have their money back, but that money will no longer buy an AR15. Dicks played it off as though they couldn't in good conscience sell ARs after Newtown, but now they're opening new Field & Stream stores that sell ARs again.


@timconnel: So is there no other company selling this particular model? If people got their money back, it's not the end of the world. They made a decision and if you don't agree with it, that's certainly your right.

It's kind of a moot point for me, living in a state where it's a pain in the ass to even get a dumbed-down AR.


@sinner3k: The point is not just the model but the money aspect. After AR15's double in price, it makes greedy sense to not honor the pre-order, and instead sell them after the price hike.



Not the end of the world but a real Dick move. Accept payment for a product then cancel orders after the market price for said product doubles. They pretended it was about morals, but now they're selling the same product in a new store with a new name.

Gun owners are learning to vote with their wallets.


@timconnel: Thank you (and nickshi) for explaining. I was not familiar with the incident mentioned. It does seem like a very greedy move to not honor prices originally quoted for a product when people have paid a deposit on said product.


@sinner3k: Just to clarify, the orders were paid in full, not deposits.

In the wake of this years ridiculous gun/ammo panic buying and subsequent shortage, a number of retailers, Dick's among them, have really mistreated customers with order cancellations and extreme price hikes, while other companies have been totally above board

I don't begrudge anybody for shopping wherever they want to shop. People that don't own guns or shoot probably don't care in the least and that's fine. But many gun owners are choosing to do business where they are welcomed and treated well, and not at Dick's.


@timconnel: That makes it even worse. A product paid in full, in advance? That order should be honored. Period.

No wonder people are voting with their wallets on this.


Got excited when I saw some crossfit apparel on sale. Got shot down when I saw the new "Lifters" are $20 more than the previous version… =/


@timconnel: try using to find the ammo your looking for. I've been using it to snag some awesome numbers on 9mm rounds. Prices and viability change nearly every hour and sells out quick.


@livinonedge: Awesome link! I may be able to restock my ammo to the point where I can start target shooting again. I was getting down to my bare reserves...


@timconnel: well if they ordered them at a certain price, then THEIR price doubled, then of course they would cancel and refund. Any and ALL businesses would. You would too if you took preorders then your distributor doubled the price. Don't even try and tell me you'd honor the original price because that would be *

* Wedit. removed


@sinner3k: not if the place they get them from DOUBLED their price, name ONE business (and even you wouldn't) that would honor that and take a huge hit. Noe places have honored their own price mistakes but this was an outside source to Dicks.