dealsrock out with this rooster t shirt & matching…


I play for the Des Moines Roosters Australian Football Team... so this is a win for sure.


@jnam22: Woo! Go central Iowans! (Not a bad deal, either.)


Other than folks who play obscure sports in obscure states (no offense, I'm a native Iowan myself) - what the heck does this shirt mean?


@tsfisch The title is an implied statement of "rock out with your cock out". As for the shirt and koozie they are emblazoned with the logo of Sriracha hot sauce, a very popular hot sauce.


Yeah, it's from the Tuong Ot sriracha bottle. I actually really like this shirt and I bet it will get positive comments from foodie types. Although I'm not sure why they're being coy about what it means though, the word "sriracha" isn't a trademark so as far as I know they can mention it without getting in trouble.


"Regular Price of $38.99" For a Tshirt & a thin koosie? What are they smoking?