dealsstanley powerlock 25 ft. and 16 ft. tape measures…


My father-in-law's name is Stanley; I'm buying a bunch of stanley branded items for a gift, this will work nicely. Thanks


Great price. Been looking for a deal on these. In for 6 sets.


i only see this sentence"The product you are trying to view is not currently available."


What the heck?

Let's see, the 16 ft. tape measures it at 5 feet long, now check the 25 ft.

What's next?

I'd like buy a keyboard for my computer - but 2 pack, please.

Oh ya, and a front door two-pack for my house. Just take a little longer to enter.


I didn't find the 2-Pack on-line, but there seems to be a better deal on the Home Depot website. A Stanley 4-Pack at $9.88. It has a 3', 12', 16', and 25' Stanley PowerLock. I'm not sure about shipping cost, but I did notice this item was an "ONLINE EXCLUSIVE"...hope this helps!


@craig234: Must be tough having only one pen and a single piece of paper for your entire household. -LOL-


@maybejet: FOLLOW-UP Just tried to do a test run order of the 4-Pack and it is no longer available. Sorry about that. :(


2 pack, 4, if I could just find a deal on a 6-pack...