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Yea, with a new Dr. Who regenerating this season, many think the show will get much lower numbers.


@lazarus1: could be good, could be bad. No way to find out except to wait.


Worst customer service I ever experienced.


@slowsteve: I heard their shipping prices are ridiculous too


@shermbe: probably the people who have kept it relevant for 50 years! yea, they had like a 6 year hiatus between the last season of the original and the tv movie and a few more between tv movie and new who, but not many shows have ever had a run like who(i can think of two, one is a cartoon and one is a soap opera).

im excited for the new doctor i like matt smith(not as much as i did david but still i think most of it was the writing for davids years). it worked that past 11 times, no reason it won't work this time...


@lazarus1: They say that every time the Doctor regenerates. I had trouble adjusting to Ten. For a LOT of people, Ten was THE Doctor. Eleven came, and people warmed to him eventually. Twelve will come and people will loudly declare who THEIR Doctor is, will say the new guy's not good enough, blah blah blah. Then they warm up to him and it's all good until Thirteen comes and the cycle repeats.


@cmcornelius: This is why I gave up and started watching Dr. Huh? instead.