dealslowepro messenger m laptop for $12.99


I wanted one of these, but I'm not sure on the sizes. Some sites say this one will fit up to 15.4" laptops, others (like amazon) say only 14".

I'm too confused to grab the deal.


@sherriev: yeah, i wasn't able to find any size info there. i'll stick with amazon :oP


I nabbed this from Amazon (via Beach Camera) back in November for 12 bucks and got the one in the video. I wouldn't say that it carries "a lot" of stuff, but it has enough room for an afternoon at a coffee shop (a book or two, cell phone, laptop, power supply, water bottle/coffee mug). Two things that I don't like:

- The mesh beverage container on the end isn't deep enough. My 750 mL bottle fell out of it the other day.

- It slides around way too much when I'm wearing this while riding my bike. As the video shows, it has a stability strap to prevent the sliding, which I was unaware of, though, so this might be a moot point.

I should read manuals more often.


lowepro makes awesome stuff and they stand by their products.