dealsasus nexus 7 16gb multi-touch android 4.2 tablet…


$25 more gets you a new one, might even been a discount or Play Store credit available.

I got the 16GB last summer when they came out.... already been back for RMA twice.

1st time the back-half started to peel away. I had it in a silicone case, never dropped or left the living room, and the wi-fi signal started to drop constantly. When I took the case off I saw the was falling apart. Called Asus, RMA took 3 weeks, cost $15 in shipping.

2nd time I went to use it and it woudln't turn on. Hooked it to a computer and the computer didn't even see it, or detect it. Another 3+week RMA process...and another $15 in shipping.

I like this tablet a lot... but I'm selling it before the warranty runs out.

So... in regards to a refub'd Nexus 7 tablet? I'd say: "keep away"

My $.02


I purchased a 32 GB Nexus about a month ago, used from Craigslist, but it had the receipt and was originally purchased in January, so it has just over 2 months of use. I like it enough. It's definitely no iPad, but I like the size and the grip on the back for reading books and it's smaller form fits in a bag or purse. The built-in speaker is horrible, but external or headphones work fine. I think it's worth the price if you want an inexpensive, but solid tablet that is upgradable.


I got the 32 nexus 7 for a while now and love it. Perfect size does everything i want it to do. If your gona pick one of these up ide recommend the g form extreme sleve they are selling on the main woot page ive had mine since the first time woot started selling them great product. keeps it super protected and since its a sleeve u can take out out and put a silicone case on it and then just put it in the g form case when im gona throw it in a backpack. Had a motorcycle accident and my nexus 7 was in its g form case and i rolled about 20 feet and the tablet didnt even have a scratch on it.


$199 New at Staples, and 5% back (as a gift card) for Rewards Members. I know refurbished is supposed to be as good as new, but I once bought a refurb monitor online that turned out to have one dead pixel. If I'd bought it at a store I would have returned it, but I didn't feel like going through the hassle of shipping it back so now I'm stuck with it. Buyer Beware, Live and Learn, yada yada yada.