dealsstainless steel flask + bonus funnel for $4.15…


I was pricing those little funnels awhile back when I got a free flask from Copenhagen.. those little fellas are a lot more expensive than you'd think.

The cheapest one I could find on Amazon was $2.99:

I didn't really need another flask.. but that little funnel might be enough to make this worth it. Plus, you can never really have too many flasks, right?


@drchops: Great find! Also, love your wicked sense of humor. Re: "Or if it makes you feel any better: FREE + $4.15 shipping"


Great price!! Nice find...


I'm not a fan of flasks. They typically don't hold enough for more than one person(if that), and they are a bitch to clean and fill.

A much better solution I've found is a small nalgene like this one:

A must have for the drunken movie afficionado.


@portezbie: A PINT! Holy cats! That's a serious amount of gin/rum/whiskey/etc.!


@portezbie: Do you actually use that Nalgene for boose?


These come in larger and smaller sizes, can be washed and reused, or just thrown out. They are non-metallic so there are no issues with leaching and are also undetectable during weapons searches in sports arenas:


Great,just ordered 2, my brother will be smiling at it. Sneaking rum to the office jejejeje


If you are going to get more than one, I suggest getting the six pack and buying the funnel for 2.99


@ryancooke: As I am not a complete alcoholic, I use the small 4oz Nalgene bottle for when I visit someone who does not own whiskey. It works well, stays closed and does not leak. Plus the plastic material does not react with the alcohol.