deals4-pack hp black and color ink printer cartridges…


Even as a starter pack at the "75% capacity" it's a better deal than buying new cartridges elsewhere. The cheapest I have seen the 564XL cartridges is about $10 EACH, not as a set of 4.

Just remember that you won't be getting them the first of next week!

"Please note that it can take up to 6 business days (M-F) for your item to ship. In rare cases, an unforeseen delay may occur which can extend the shipping time of your order."


Also starter inks may not work on printers.

Here's an review of an ex dailysteals customer:

""I contacted them about selling me a product that did not work. It was replacement ink. The printer would not accept the ink cartridge because it was "starter ink cartridges". I'm sure the store new what it was selling. Additionally there is no indication that this ink would not work on an existing set up printer.... REGARDLESS SCAM!!! Don't spend a dime on these people. They have seen my last $20. Did I mention it took 3 weeks to ship...icing on the cake! F- this company.""