deals3-in 1-out hdmi to hdmi switch for $5.85


I don't know why this deal says it's at's at

Shipping is $4.99.


It's complicated, Cleverette; these are deals Woot members find on the web and post for other members benefit; and to achieve fame and fortune, of course!


@grampella: he/she has a good point actually... go to some other deal and look at what it says next to the "I want one!" arrow... it's usually the merchant that's offering the deal


I have this switch... the video started cutting out after about 6 months. There are better options for switches for around the same price.


I've had similar devices (like that 3>1 pigtail HDMI adapter that hovers around $9). They work well but can be inconvenient when they "auto-switch". For example, I had mind hooked to my TV and PC. If my computer was asleep and I woke it up, the device would recognize a new signal and switch to the PC source, even if someone was actively watching TV. Then you have to go back to the device (which will almost certainly be inconveniently located) and manually cycle through the inputs to get back.

In the end, I purchased a 5 port, remote controlled HDMI switcher. Much happier now.


"Three HDMI enter, one HDMI leaves!" It's the Thunderdome of switches.