dealssharpshooter bundle with golden eye: ps3 for $79…


Is the Playstation move and gun doing so bad that they have deeply discount it already. I'm in for one either way because you can't beat this price. Saw this at best buy today for $99


Amazon had the controllers as lightning deals several times since thanksgiving as well. Then the Little Big Planet 2 Move bundle a few days ago. Guess it's selling poorly. But between the Wii and Kinect, it looks kinda 'meh'.


I've tried all three controllers ad nauseum and the move is by far the most versatile. It's accuracy is truly remarkable.
Sony is doing that THING though, where they're going to waste the technology by not releasing decent titles at a fast enough rate. PSP all over again.

The Kinnect is interesting but the most gimmicky. You'll notice the lack of a physical interface is being tackled by releasing physical interfaces for it - heh.
Guns and so forth, which for me rather defeats the point.
It's accuracy is the worst of the three.

Frankly, overall, the wii is still the winner and it's the least technically noteworthy. They just saturated it's use until it proved worthwhile.

Superior technology will not over-rule crappy software, Sony.


... It's back up to $150. Amazon still says they are offering $50 off but when I add to cart and go to the final part of checking out it still shows as $150 with no promotions applied.