dealsunu enerpak vault 11000mah battery pack – charge…


I'd recommend this one instead. Slightly less capacity (10400), but more than $10 less, 4.5 stars. Check out the reviews:


t at most 5 at a time? Or am I missing the fact that the two devices is an expression of the capacity of this thing, which is ofcourse much better to state in mAH?


a good deal is $1 per 1000 mAh... so anything more than $12 for 11000 is not a good deal. 2 weeks ago there was a 20,000 mAh (dual port, 1A and 2A) that a lot of us bought for $20. I have been using it like crazy and the 20,000 allows for charging a device 2-3 times before needing to be recharged itself.