dealsdominos pan pizza slice 12-2pm 10/23/12 carryout…


Under woot's rules, this shouldn't be posted till noon today. Not supposed to post something till it's actually available. Not that I agree with those rules, which I think are silly, and I'm certainly not tattling or anything. I'm upvoting actually. Just making an observation. I thought about posting this before going to bed at 11pm last night my time (midnight woot's time) but I figured woot would just take it down because you couldn't go get the pizza yet. Which does actually pose a minor dilemma for a special that's available in such a small window. Because if I am figuring correctly, the pizza will be available in New York at 9am in LA, and will be available until 5pm in LA New York time.



free!! count me in. and piss on that rule about not posting ahead of time i'd miss this deal if i didn't see it before noon. if it's really a problem they should make for forthcoming deals


@keifferbee: Brilliant idea! I posted yesterday so people could take advantage. If this posted today, I would have missed it too!