dealsfree shipping from gamestop


I think this only applies to Power Saver items.
As you go through the ordering process you'll see an additional "USA Ground" shipping option with 1 day for processing and 3 days transit.

Also available are:

SAVER - free value shipping on $25+ orders
PSSAVER - free shipping on $39+ orders with Power Saver items (details at site)
CAG16 - 16% off all used games and DVDs (VERY useful)
25USED - 25% off $19.99+ used games orders through 7/31
HAND20 - 20% off DS and PSP games through 8/13

EBC3008042 - Welcome to GameStop ...wait, what?

No idea if these are still valid even though they register:
FRFPO - free AFO/FPO (military) shipping and 20% off certain titles
20FROM80 - $20 off $80+ orders

They also advertise 10OFFALL as a daily deal, but it doesn't seem to work.


game stop only likes to rip you off


@fusion44: amen. I miss my locally-owned game store.


Maybe the free shipping can almost make up for the horrible prices.