deals2 meat & steak 18" flipper grilling hooks for $3…


When I checked out the site sent me some strange email - "as a thank you" for my purchase, saying they enrolled me in a "buysafe" guarantee with a bunch of supposed no strings attached benefits. Now I am uncomfortable and looking for strings!! thumbs down!


The idea of using a hook makes me wince. I'll stick with the tongs; I want the juice to stay in the meat . . .

[But a plus one anyway; at least the price is good.]


A lotta sites are using that "Buysafe" guarantee now - kinda for street cred. Deal Genius is a consistently solid buying site.


thanks for the clarification, 11dndd11. I would have felt more comfortable had the guarantee been mentioned before checkout and not just shown up in my email. It looked like a thing they had signed me up for that would turn into a subscription I would need to opt out of. I have never heard of it before.