dealsseagate barracuda green 1tb 32mb cache sata 3.0gb…


At 5900 RPM, this wouldn't be the ideal boot drive, but this would be great for file storage. The price is pretty hard to beat too! If I didn't already have an extra 1TB drive lying around, I'd buy one.


I've had three of these die within six months of installation, two I purchased and one was a replacement for the first one that died. Is it just me or are these crap? Never had a problem with WD.


Personally a little iffy about buying Seagates.

But they are fast for an "eco" drive (it's 5900rpm, as opposed to normal 5400rpm), and they are competitively priced.

Keep in mind of its middling reliability (don't knock it around, and keep it well ventilated) and its 1-year warranty (I figure that's where they got the cost savings from).

Bought one. I'll just use these for some temporary fixes.