dealsuncle stu's mild churchill sampler for $19.99…


Ok, the math in their ad sucks, they are a buck not $1.99, but Cigars International has consistently good deals on good cigars. I wish I had known about this since I placed an order last week. If you order, buy a bundle of the "Ci Mistakes" a very fine cigar very reasonably priced-Guaranteed! ( If you buy a bundle of "Ci Mistakes"(Churchill preferred) and don't like them, Just let me know and I will send you return postage so you can send them to me and I will Personally test each and every cigar that you send me for taste and smokeability. And I will Personally e-mail you with my conclusions. No one else offers such a Guarantee!

P.s Flat rate postage is $4.99-(99% sure)


Is this the Clinton Special?


As far as these cigars go, you could do worse. These aren't high quality sticks by any means, but if you're new to cigars and are interested in getting in to them, these aren't a bad place to start.



Thank you for the reminder on the CI Mistakes. Their Cohiba and Macanudo Knockoffs are excellent also. Their shipping with the gel humidity packs is the reason I use them.


Shipping = $4.99

Putting in a promo code for free shipping delivers free shipping but bumps the price in cart up to $120.50


in not usually a fan of the large churchills but this is a pretty dang good deal, if i wasn't going to a b&m later i'd probably make an order, ci has a great sub $2 collection, i really like the Vigilante Corojo, Patagas Black Pronto, Sancho Panza Maduro, and Cohiba Black Pequenos in that price range.


This is a good deal, but when i went to check out they showed me these! these are one of my favorite medium-heavy strength cigars for dirt cheap, thought i'd share.(ive ordered them before from CI and they're perfect and not knock offs)


The Arganese, Torano, and Mark Twain aren't half bad. There's better but for a buck it makes a good activity cigar while fishing, etc.