deals3.5" 9 led mini flashlight - stocking stuffer…


At one time HF was giving these away for free if you had a coupon from one of their ads. They came with batteries. I accumulated a drawer full of these. (Come on by if you want one.) Worth the $1.50 w/o batteries but the $6.99 shipping kills that deal.


2 for $3 in store this weekend(still no batts).
Can still get them free with the coupon found in Most Sunday papers(with batts)and there's also another 20% off coupon attached.


$6.99 shipping kills that deal.


Yeah, these are free with the coupon which you can find in their magazine ads. Usually car magazines or maxim, FHM, Men's Health etc. They usually have a 20% off one item coupon in there, too.