dealsauthentic medieval flail / battle mace for $10.99


You'll mace your eye out, kid.


Used these before:

1. There is a reason you wear plate mail gauntlets.
2. Cast iron means that it'll break if you actually use it.
3. It broke off the stick quickly and had to be fixed.
4. It's not authentic until it's battered and blood splattered.
5. Lost a ball. Was called a uniballer. I had sadness.


@bane3d: Need to have a hood on your cloak and sunglasses to be the Uniballer. Sadness you had you say?


Decorative only, a $10 "weapon" would break if you hit a kleenex with it. Legit repro flails do exist but they start at around $150.


There must be a different definition of "authentic" than the one with which I am familiar.