dealsdeus ex human revolution download on sale over at…


@bobotheboinger: Never seen that before, I will have to keep an eye on that, thank you ;)


Just a note that I recommend as an easy way to stay up to date on all the latest game sales. It is still in beta, but I have found it a great way to see the latest deals on digital games. Cut down on me having to check amazon, steam, gog, etc. individually. Don't worry, I still come to woot every day as well. My wife says I'm addicted. :)


Awesome! I actually bought the game again, just so I could get the extras.


In for one. Downloading now. This is quite the steal. Thanks for the info!


This is a great game. I have it for PS3, and really enjoyed it.

If you enjoy first person RPG shooters, this is a great deal!


@bogus: Yeah, I've been checking religiously every week. I guess they are trying to compete with the other companies that sell digital copies of games.

Unfortunately, not all of the games Amazon sells you a Steamworks key.


Amazon is starting to get serious about game deals. Cheaper than the recent Gamersgate sale, and Amazon probably wouldn't have canceled the order for the lulz.


This was one of my favorite 1st person RPG's of last year, (just behind Skyrim, and Dead Island) If you enjoy 1st person RPG's and futuristic dystopias, do yourself a favor and play this one!